When did you know? 

‘….So, when did you know?’

When do you know that this is going to last forever? When did you know that he’s the one and only for you? When did you know that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person? 
When was the time? Time, when you wanted to hold him in your arms? Time, when you wanted his fingers to fill in the space between yours? Time, when all you wanted was him to assure and re-assure you that he’s here to stay? 

Was it when he held you closer to his chest? Or was it in the way he touched your skin? Or the way he looked at you? The way he smiled and his eyes shone whenever you spoke? Was it when he said, ‘I love you’? When he promised you a million promises? 

Was it when he caressed the back of your hand with his thumb? Or when he took you out to one of those out-of-the-world dates? Or when he looked back while leaving and prompted, ‘I love you‘? When he gave you, your favorite chocolates, or favorite flowers? Or when he said he won’t ever let you down? 

Just when did you know that you’re in love? 


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